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Deputy - Russell Noble

Deputy is a leading global workforce management platform, compatible with SMB to Enterprise-level clients.

Technical Content Writer -

At Deputy, I created, wrote and managed the help content for Deputy, a world-class workforce management platform. This included obtaining an intricate knowledge of Deputy and creating written and video content to assist users. Content was written to cater from basic users, all the way to power users and beyond.

The role included management of the help portal CMS, as well as the organisation, coordination, and delivery of video content for help, news, and product marketing purposes.

In addition to help documentation, I worked on a number of training programs for customers and internal onboarding documentation and systems. I assisted with the building and launch of Deputy Academy, a Learning Management System hosted on Litmos. This is used to onboard employees and give them knowledge about the Deputy system and empower them to succeed in their role. Using Deputy Academy, we spearheaded the Deputy Certification system to continue educating employees even after the completion of the initial training modules.

Deputy Help Portal

The Deputy Help Portal is a top-to-bottom collection of over 300 articles, covering the entire Premium Deputy product. Each article is written with customer service in focus ensuring easy-to-follow instructions. Utilising customer search data and analysing usage and tendencies, the help documentation I have created ensures that customers can find the answers to functions within Deputy.

The Deputy Help Portal serves over 6000 unique viewers, and approximately 11,500 article views per week.


YouTube Channel Overhaul and Management

The Deputy YouTube Channel was a dormant platform waiting to be utilised. Prior to my initiative and involvement, there was a very small number of marketing videos hosted on the platform, but I saw the potential for both learners and customers of Deputy. I designed a major face lift for the channel, displaying prominent branding, organisational changes and structure to the platform.

The library has grown from 6 to 89 videos, primarily hosting feature release videos, help content, and integrations videos, while the marketing focus continues to grow.

Today, the channel receives over 600 hours a month view time. This includes a 25 month view growth streak, at an average of 75% month-on-month growth.


Product Marketing

Producing content for product marketing presents new challenges, and at Deputy, I work closely with the Product Marketing team to create engaging material to capture the user’s attention and create a willingness to try the feature.

As seen to the left, the media is attached to an initial message, to capture the user’s attention and draw them to the click-through link to learn more about the feature.

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Learning Management Systems - Deputy Academy

Using Litmos, we implemented an onboarding experience to educate new starters, as well as create learning courses for sales and enterprise training certification.

New employees would be introduced to an onboarding process involving product knowledge training, and would go through onboarding steps as required by the People and Culture team.