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Greenroom Sydney (GR) is a culmination of hard work, planning and specialist reporting with fellow University of Technology Sydney journalism students as part of our Media Hub capstone project.

GR focused on bringing enviro-conscious Sydneysiders together, and producing stories relevant to our niche audience. The publication was launched on the 22nd of May, after a month-long social media campaign was initialised to generate hype and interest for our target audience.

The publication can be found here:


Below is a list of stories and content produced for Greenroom Sydney


Envirobank’s Reverse Vending Recycling Campaign

An interview with Narelle Anderson, the founder and managing director of Envirobank. Envirobank sought to incentivise recycling programs, and preempted the NSW Government’s TOMRA program.


Opinion Piece: Local Councils Efforts to Improve and Promote Sustainable Living

In the discussion of sustainable living, councils are often overlooked. I wrote about the work they do in the background, backed up by council greenery officials.


Local Councils Leading the Charge for Sustainability

In an audio news piece, I spoke to Blacktown’s Dave Towns and Penrith’s Andrew Hewson and asked what they were doing to preserve the state of nature in their respective areas.


Sydney’s Pop-Up Organic Farmers Markets

With the increasing popularity of organic foodstuffs, I produced a video story looking at a number of farmers markets, and how they’re contributing to sustainable living.


Sydney Water Saving

In this video story, I investigated the water usage of Sydneysiders and discover that we’re saving water since experiencing one of the worst droughts on record. I visited St. John Paul II Catholic College, an agricultural high school in Sydney’s North West, and asked about how they utilise recycled water.