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The Roar is Australia’s largest sports opinion website. At the time, I was writing Tech news for sister site (Both under the Conversant Media umbrella), where I was approached to launch the Esports section on The Roar.

Initially, the launch was slow, as expected on a site that covered traditional sports. But over time, interest in professional gaming grew, The Roar created a dedicated Gaming section, and they even sponsored a team in the Gfinity League.

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An Insight into Oceanic esports

This article was one of the first esports articles to appear on The Roar, and was fueled by my involvement as a Content Manager of the Avant Garde Esports organisation. This was an introduction to the world of esports, the tournaments, organisational structure, players, games, and teams. I would eventually write a series on the comparisons of traditional sport with traditional gaming.


Prize pools and sustaining the scene

As esports became more prominent in the Oceanic region, the question of sustainability and prize pools arose. As global minnows, the Oceanic scene needed a way to ensure that the best of the best could compete against the global giants of North America, China, South Korea and Europe, while still ensuring that the small monetary incentive was enough to encourage players.


Overwatch - The Next Big Esport

With the release of Blizzard’s class-based FPS, Overwatch, I analysed the nuances of the game and made my predictions as to why and how it would be the next big esport spectacle. Fast forward to today and the global Overwatch League is one of the biggest and most successful esport ventures, joining the ranks of the LCS, ESL Majors, The International, and the CoD World League.

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