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Techly is a website under the umbrella of Conversant Media. The site covers all things technology, including mobile, mobile applications, technology and gaming news.

After making contact with then editor Tristan Raynor, we established a plan to bring contemporary and future tech news to the site, as well as cover video game topics. Techly gave me the opportunity to represent their brand at events such as the launch of Ready At Dawn’s ‘The Order: 1886′, Sony’s 20th Anniversary Event, EB Expo and EA journalist review events. Some of the content I produced included Gamely, a weekly video game/tech news wrap-up, video game previews and reviews, future tech news, event coverage, and a monthly game release feature.

The following are stories I have produced for

First (and last) 2015 Techly Gaming Awards
Techly Gaming Awards –

Monthly Game Releases

Feb 2015 releases –
March 2015 releases –
August 2015 releases –
September 2015 releases –
October 2015 releases –
November 2015 releases –
December 2015 releases –
January 2016 releases –
April 2016 releases –

Video Game Reviews and Previews
Dying Light review –
Need For Speed: First Impressions –
Need For Speed: Full Review –
Fallout 4: Full Review –
Star Wars Battlefront: Full Review –
Firewatch: Full Review –
Farcry Primal: Full Review –
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Preview event –

The Order: 1886 developer interview –
Interview with Courtenay Taylor (Voice of female Fallout 4 survivor) –

Gaming News
Turner CSGO TV tournament –
Twitch Plays Dark Souls –
Cross-platform Multiplayer –
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered announced –

Event Coverage
EB Expo Wrap-up –
Sony’s 20th Anniversary coverage –

Gamely - Weekly Gaming/Tech Wrap-Up
Weekly Gaming Wrap-up –
Weekly Gaming Wrap-up –
Weekly Gaming Wrap-up –
Weekly Gaming Wrap-up –

Technology News
Microsoft unveils ‘Holoportation’ –
Reddit previews innovative touchscreen mirror –